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The YI 4K is as good as the newest GOPro Hero5 but at half the cost.  Its accessories are also much less expensive when compared to the GOPro.  This is what I'm upgrading all my old action cameras to so I don't feel so bad when I run over one with the Deuce and a Half. 
I've been carrying the Leatherman Wave for about ten years now and sent it back twice now to be repaired.  I still carry it every day but am also looking to upgrade eventually to the Leatherman Surge.   
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This is the exact model I tested in my dishwasher, dropped on concrete, and ran over with the Deuce and a Half.  I still use the same abused ThruNite TN12 to this day and it still has no issues. 
The Olight H1R Nova is the smallest, lighest, and brightest headlamp that actually works in the real world.  
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