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​The Lee Classic Turret press kit is the best starter kit for someone who wants to try reloading.  You can use it as a single stage press till you get comfortable then have at it turret style!  If you decide to pour money into reloading and get a Dillon one day this will still be useful for load development and small batch loading.   
The Olight PL-1 II Valkyrie light.  You saw how easy it was to move from gun to gun.  Then you saw how it withstood the recoil of a 9mm, 45ACP, AK47 (actually it was a Hungarian AMD), and even several rounds of 45/70!  It earned its place on my firearms. 
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Video Review
The RCBS dies for 300 Blackout are built to be small base dies as well which saves you a step if you've been scrounging .223 and 5.56 brass from the range to make 300 Blackout brass with.  It's more adjustable than the Lee version which I also have and is usually priced the same or slightly below Lee's option.    
This Lee bullet mold drops a near perfect 230 grain 30 caliber bullet using standard wheel weight lead.  It was devleoped to be a perfect subsonic bullet for the 300 Blackout AR-15.  It's got a flat base and is tumble lube grooved for tumble lubing or powdercoating.  
Video Review
Video Review
You've seen these on my videos for years.  It's the Wilton Polyurethane jaw covers that are tough as nails and magnetic so they stick to the steel jaws with no issues.  The first thing I built when I bought my first house was a big work bench and the first tool I bought for it was a Wilton vise and at the same time I bought these jaw covers.  That's almost 15 years of hard work and they're still holding strong. 
The Lee Hand Press has been improved greatly by using the new breech locking system vs. the old screw in/out system of old that mine is.  The hand press is great for those who want to try reloading but don't want to put a ton of money into it just yet.  
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This is the very same Lee 10lb lead melting pot I used in all my casting videos.  It's been used for over a decade with no issues what so ever.  Looking back I think I wish I bought the 20lb pot now for the extra room to grow but that 20lb pot is much bigger and less easy to store if you don't have a dedicated casting bench.     
This Lee 20lb lead melting pot is the one I wish I had right now but when I was buying a lead melting pot I didn't have a dedicated casting bench or bunker so being portable, storable, and easy to move was more important.  The 20lb pot is as good as the 10lb pot just much bigger and harder to store/move.   
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I personally can't vouch for this chronograph but I've heard good things from the shooting buddies who do use it.  They find it faster to set up than the Shooting Chrony that I use and it's usually lower priced as well but not as compact to transport.  From what I can tell it can be as accurate as the Shooting Chrony but needs more light and is more sensitive to temperatures with a working temp range of 33-100 Degrees F.    
I've been using the standard F1 Shooting Chrony for going on 15 years.  It's simple to set up, easy to use, and folds to fit in a large range bag.  My advice on chronographs is to buy the inexpensive ones because eventually they will get shot.  This chronograph reads from 30fps to 7,000fps and will do this accurately from 14-120 degrees F.